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Application & Removal

How to apply & remove your gels, including our handy video tutorials

How to prep Your nails

Prepping your nails is key to getting a great mani or pedi!. Watch our video guide on how to prep your nails:.

How to apply Glaize gels

Top Tips: The adhesive on the back of your gels is activated by pressure, so really press them down to encourage your gels to bond. Take care to be a little bit gentle with your gels for the first few hours, as they take a few hours to fully adhere t

How to remove excess length from your gels

Here's how to cut, clip or file your nails down to the right length:. Check out our video tutorial:.

How to remove Glaize gels without any damage

Here's how to remove your Glaize gels, without any damage:. Watch our video guide on how to safely remove your gels:.

My gels won't stick down, can you help?

If the gels are too hard:. During the colder months, you might find that your gels feel harder and less flexible, making them hard to apply, therefore you may need to warm them slightly before applying. No sweat! Take your gel sheet and briefly warm

My gels are lifting at the tips, can you help?

Let's troubleshoot why this might be happening!. Make sure you've removed all of the excess length. You can do this by clipping, and then filing in a downwards motion at 90 degrees around the edge. The adhesive on the back of our gels is activated by

How to apply your stick-on gel pedicure

Our pedicure gels work in the same way as our manicure gels, so essentially you need to prep your toes in the same way you prep your fingernails. Now you have a toe-tally gorgeous and long-lasting pedi!.

How to apply Stick 'N' Mix nail art stickers

Glaize Stick 'N' Mix can be applied to bare nails, nail varnish, Glaize gels, acrylics, salon gels... the list goes on!. How to apply your nail art stickers:. Ta-da! You've mastered quick and easy nail art!

My gels have ragged/torn edges, can you help?

If your gels are torn or ripped at the edges, this will be down to your application. Really press the gels down, and ensure that they are fully stuck down before filing. Please make sure that when you file off the excess length, you are doing so in a