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How to apply Glaize gelsUpdated 2 months ago

  • Wash and dry your hands, then push your cuticles back
  • Prep your nails with your prep pad and juice to remove any excess oils
  • Start with your little finger: peel the gel from the gel sheet (you might need to bend it to help to release the gel) and stick it onto your nail, leaving a gap between your cuticle and the gel
  • Press the gel down firmly and smooth it over
  • Now to remove the excess length: flip your hand and clip off the majority of the excess. Then file in a downwards motion to remove any remaining excess. DON'T file left to right, as this will tear your gel
  • Repeat for all of your nails, until you've got yourself a gorgeous Glaize mani 💅

Top Tips: The adhesive on the back of your gels is activated by pressure, so really press them down to encourage your gels to bond. Take care to be a little bit gentle with your gels for the first few hours, as they take a few hours to fully adhere to your nails.

If your gels feel a little bit hard, particularly during cold weather, we recommend warming them up before applying. You can do this against a cup of tea, with a hairdryer or by placing them on a radiator for a few seconds.

Watch our handy video to see how it's done:

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