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My gels are lifting at the tips, can you help?Updated 5 months ago

Let's troubleshoot why this might be happening!

  • Could there be any overhang going past the tip of your nails?

Make sure you've removed all of the excess length. You can do this by clipping, and then filing in a downwards motion at 90 degrees around the edge. 

  • Did you press down firmly and apply pressure?

The adhesive on the back of our gels is activated by pressure, and takes a few hours to fully bond. Make sure you are smoothing over the gels and really pressing down, both before removing the excess length, and afterwards. 

  • Are your nails uneven? 

You may find that gently buffing your nails before you prep them helps to encourage a smooth and longer-lasting application. 

  • Are your gels too wide for your nails?

If your gels are touching your skin, this is likely to lead to premature lifting. We recommend using your cuticle stick to help tuck your gels in at the base and sides - this really helps. Gels too wide? Not to worry - we'll fix your sizing for you, and have your gels looking on-point in no time. Contact us here for any resizing queries. 

  • Did you apply any oils or creams prior to, or shortly after applying?

Please wash your hands thoroughly, use your prep juice & pad, and avoid using any hand cream or oils before and after applying, as this can interfere with the adhesive that keeps your gels in place.

  • Have you been careful with your gels for the first few hours post-application?

Glaize gels take a few hours to fully bond to your nails, so avoid any activities that might impact them for at least the first few hours. Avoid showering, taking a bath or washing up for the first few hours post-application. The better the gels are able to adhere when first applied, the longer your mani will last!

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