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How to remove Glaize gels without any damageUpdated 5 months ago

Here's how to remove your Glaize gels, without any damage:

  • Soak your hands/toes in warm water
  • Apply cuticle oil or hand cream to loosen the adhesive
  • Use a cuticle stick to gently lift the gel from the base of your nail
  • Apply some more hand cream or cuticle oil, and gently roll the gel upwards
  • When removing your gel pedicure, we recommend removing your gels as slowly and gently as possible, this will help to prevent any damage, since your toes are generally dryer compared with your hands
  • Remove any excess glue with some prep juice. Washing your hands with warm water and soap also helps
  • And voilà! Damage-free removal at home, with no faff, no acetone, no filing and no need to visit a salon :)

Watch our video guide on how to safely remove your gels:

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