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How to remove excess length from your gelsUpdated 5 months ago

Here's how to cut, clip or file your nails down to the right length:

  • Press your gels down to ensure they're firmly in place - we recommend going over the gels with the flat side of the cuticle stick around the sides and at the base 
  • Flip your hands so that your palms face upwards, and clip off the majority of the excess using nail clippers
  • Use a nail file to remove the remaining excess, by filing in a downwards motion. You will need to hold your fingers/thumb rigidly, to create resistance while you file
  • This should give you a smooth, clean edge... *looking gooood*
  • DO NOT file left to right, as this will tear your gels, resulting in ragged edges
  • For shorter nails, you may find it easier to clip off all of the excess rather than filing

Check out our video tutorial:

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