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My gels won't stick down, can you help?Updated 5 months ago

If the gels are too hard:

During the colder months, you might find that your gels feel harder and less flexible, making them hard to apply, therefore you may need to warm them slightly before applying. No sweat! Take your gel sheet and briefly warm it against your cup of tea, alternatively you can warm it between your palms, with a hairdryer, or by popping it on a radiator for a few seconds. 

If the gels don't feel 'sticky'... enough:

Firstly, make sure you haven't applied any hand cream or oils to your nails recently, as this might interfere with the adhesive on the back of your gels. Be sure to wash your hands, and then clean your nails with some prep juice to remove any excess oils. The adhesive is activated by pressure, so really press your gels down and smooth them over to encourage your gels to bond to your nails.

If your gels are too wide:

Your gels shouldn't be stuck onto your skin or cuticles, so if they are too wide, get in touch so that we can help get your gels resized. Be sure to take some photos so that we can see where they need to be narrowed. 

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