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How to apply your stick-on gel pedicureUpdated 3 months ago

Our pedicure gels work in the same way as our manicure gels, so essentially you need to prep your toes in the same way you prep your fingernails. 

  • Start by gently buffing your toenails (optional) before pushing back your cuticles
  • Prep your toes with your prep pad & juice to clean the nails
  • Select the gel that fits each nail best, stick onto your toenail and press down, smoothing the gel across the nail. Make sure that there is no gel stuck onto your skin, as this will prevent your gels from adhering
  • Take some nail clippers, and clip off any excess length, ensuring no gel is going past the end of your nail, you can also use a nail file to file in a downwards motion, if easier for you

Now you have a toe-tally gorgeous and long-lasting pedi! 

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