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How our sizing works & how to make changes to your sizing

Why do I need to take photos of my hands?

We use the four photos that you provide to create your nail sizing, using our proprietary patent-pending technailogy, which we then use to make your made-to-measure gels. If you order our standard-sized gel manicures or gel pedicures, we don't requir

Why do I need to place my fingers on a standard-sized card when taking photos?

We use the standard-sized card as a reference object so that we can measure your nails to scale.

What card should I use to take my photos with?

Please use a standard-sized card (ID-1 as per ISO standards). This could be your driver's license, ID card, credit or debit card, or a loyalty card such as a Boots card, with rounded edges (so long as it's the exact same dimensions as a credit card.)

Resizing: What if my made-to-measure gels don’t fit my nails properly?

We've been working hard to create the perfect fit, but if something's not quite right, please drop us an email at [email protected] with some photos showing the gels on your nails and we'll sort out your resizing ASAP!

I’ve grown out/changed the shape of my nails since scanning my hands. How can I update the size of my made-to-measure gels?

No problem! Please contact us via this form for any sizing changes.

What's the difference between standard-sizing and made-to-measure?

Made-to-Measure/Custom-Fit Gels. Our made-to-measure gels are custom-sized to fit your unique nail shapes and sizes, including your nail width and cuticle shape. After you've placed your order, we'll email you a link to upload four photos of your han

How to take your hand photos

The better your hand photos, the more accurate your sizing will be!. How to take your hand photos:. Watch our video tutorial:.