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Resizing: What if my made-to-measure gels don’t fit my nails properly?Updated a month ago

We've been working hard to create the perfect fit, but if something's not quite right, please complete this form and drop us an email here, and we'll sort out your sizing ASAP! We recommend taking photos of the gels on your nails to help us identify where changes need to be made. 

On your first order of made-to-measure gels, we are happy to resize and replace your gels free of charge, and we will send replacements for each set ordered, e.g. if you ordered 3 sets in your first order, we will send 3 replacements. We start by sending 1 set, and then once you have confirmed to our customer service team that you are happy with the sizing and would like to receive any remaining sets, we will re-despatch any additional sets that need replacing. 

For subsequent orders, if you'd like any sizing changes made for the future, please submit your updated sizing requests via this form, and we will apply any requested changes to future orders (that are yet to be despatched). 

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