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What's the difference between standard-sizing and made-to-measure?Updated 3 months ago

Made-to-Measure/Custom-Fit Gels

Our made-to-measure gels are custom-sized to fit your unique nail shapes and sizes, including your nail width and cuticle shape. 

After you've placed your order, we'll email you a link to upload four photos of your hands with a standard-sized card - without these photos, we are unable to custom-size your gels.

We'll then size your gels using our patent-pending technailogy for a made-to-measure mani! If you need any changes to your sizing, please contact us via the form on our help centre.

Standard-Sized Gels

Our standard-sized sets come with 22 individual gels in 11 different sizes. Simply choose the gel that fits your nail width best, apply and then remove any excess length by clipping or filing. Our standard-sized gels are designed to be worn either way round, so you can rotate them depending on which end fits your cuticle shape best. There's no need to upload any photos of your hands if you select the standard-sized option, and we can usually process your order faster, due to the time it takes to size your nails. 

All of our gel pedicures come in standard-sizing. 

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