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How to take your hand photosUpdated 5 months ago

The better your hand photos, the more accurate your sizing will be!

How to take your hand photos: 

  • After placing your order, you'll receive an email (separate to your order confirmation email) containing a link, asking you to upload your hand photos so that we can custom-size your gels
  • You'll need a standard-sized card (anything the same dimensions as a credit card, such as a Boots card will work) and a flat surface
  • When taking your photos, please keep your hands flat against the card. Your fingers should be as straight as possible (we appreciate that this might be tricky for some customers. The main thing is that your nails are visible in the photos - this will allow us to size your nails accurately. If you have any concerns, please contact us via this form.)
  • Make sure that the edges of the card are fully visible in the photos. Your photos should also be clear and in focus, with your nails fully visible
  • Please follow the instructions on the form, ensuring that you upload your photos in the correct order
  • For repeat orders, so long as you check out using the same email address as last time, we will automatically use your existing sizing
  • Contact us via our form for any resizing requests

Watch our video tutorial:

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