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Top Tips & Things to Avoid When Applying Your Gels

Top tips for getting your gels to last as long as possible, as well as maintaining healthy nails

Things to avoid when applying your gels

If your gels are lifting or peeling, watch out for the following things:. Glaize gels take a few hours to fully bond to your nails, therefore we recommend being careful with them for the first few hours after applying. Once they have fully adhered to

Top tips for applying your Glaize gels

Here are our top tips for applying your Glaize gels:

How to keep your nails healthy and free from damage

Always remove your stick-on gel manicures and pedicures gently, following our top tips hereApply hand cream and cuticle oil regularly to keep your nails hydrated, particularly in winterTake occasional breaks between sets of gelsGently buff your nails