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Things to avoid when applying your gelsUpdated 5 months ago

If your gels are lifting or peeling, watch out for the following things:

  • Avoid applying hand cream or coming into contact with any oils prior to, or shortly after, applying your gels
  • Avoid taking a bath or shower at least for the first few hours post-application 
  • Avoid sticking your gels on your skin or cuticles
  • Make sure there is no overhang going past the tips of your nails - you should have a clean edge, with no gel past the tip of your nails 
  • Avoid uneven nails - we recommend gently buffing your nails, particularly towards the tips, before prepping your nails & applying your Glaize gels, to ensure a smooth application
  • If you are removing any nail polish before applying your gels, make sure you're using an oil-free acetone or oil-free nail varnish remover, as any oily residue can impact the adhesive on the back of the gels  

Glaize gels take a few hours to fully bond to your nails, therefore we recommend being careful with them for the first few hours after applying. Once they have fully adhered to your nails, your gels will be much more durable and ready to withstand normal wear and tear.

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