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How does it work?Updated 4 months ago

Ordering your made-to-measure gel manicure couldn't be simpler! Here's how it works:

1. Add your chosen colour to cart and check out (make sure you select 'made-to-measure' if you would like your gels custom-sized, otherwise you can choose the standard-sized option, which doesn't require any photos of your hands)

2. Next, you'll receive an email asking you to upload some photos of your hands via a unique link

3. Once we've checked your photos, we'll custom-size your gels using our patent-pending technailogy

4. We make the gel in our London factory, and roll it out into sheets, which we then UV cure and laser-cut to your unique nail sizes and shapes

5. You'll then receive your gels through your letterbox. Peel off, stick on and enjoy!

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