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How do your subscriptions work?Updated 4 months ago

To set up a subscription, you can either subscribe directly on a product page by selecting 'Subscribe and save' before adding a product to your cart, or you can build your own bundle here, and select the 'Subscribe and save' option at the 'Pick your plan' step.

Setting up a subscription via the product page

You can add multiple subscription items to your cart, and if you select the same frequency for all of them, they will be combined as one subscription. If you order products at different frequencies, these will arrive separately. 

About subscriptions

You can pause, skip or cancel your subscription at any time, so long as your order hasn't already been fulfilled. You can also change the shades or designs each time you order. 

You will receive a notification email each time, 7 days before your subscription renews.

Manage your subscriptions here

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